Experience in your one on one BodyTalk Session with me either VIRTUALLY or In Office!

  • Feel deeply relaxed even in your first session.
  • Enjoy the satisfaction and healing of truly being heard and listened to at ALL levels of your being.
  • Be amazed by the fact that your body can actually “talk” and make your way to healing much easier.
  • BodyTalk gives your symptoms voice so that your path to healing is organic and natural.
  • Your body reveals miraculous stories that will help you discover more of who you are and how YOU can be healthy.

Suryo is well known for her expertise in BodyTalk both as a practitioner and instructor. She also brings an extensive background in Energy Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Coaching, and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology. In addition, she has four decades of experience in exploring Meditation, Contemplation, and Spiritual Inquiry as well as the Enneagram and Paradox Management.

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Explore non-invasive, respectful healing with Suryo