I was thinking about my clients and students and how some have miraculous moments in their BodyTalk Sessions and some just feel “ho hum”. What is the difference?

There could be several factors, but one factor that I have seen again and again with my thousands of clients over nearly 20 years of doing BodyTalk, is the concept of “Fix ME” !

When a client comes in to be “fixed”, I know we will have a certain type of relationship.  This type of client often does not want to “delve” into emotional issues or trace back the root of Allergies or Pain. They often find it easier to blame another person or a situation, rather than explore what part they had in it all. What they don’t understand is that they are missing a fabulous meeting with themselves at a much deeper level!

When we go diving deep into BodyTalk, with clients who want to go on an “Inner Journey”, we invariably uncover lots of “material to explore that is held in the unconscious tissues of the body”.  When explored and revealed there is often tears, dismay, and even fear. But once we unravel the mystery there is an inner strength and often joy that is revealed. Also, pain that was held in the tissues is often released! How cool is that?

These brave clients become aware of the “jewel in their own inner darkness”. They find places in themselves that are precious and beautiful. They can now stand up, look at themselves in the mirror and say; “I am so loved” or “I am beautiful” or “I am worthy”  and mean it.

When we embrace the darkness within, we come out shining and bright, often full of sparkling light! Won’t you try it!


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