This topic is nearly 69 years in the making! Coming to that ripe old age myself, I have to even edit my first thought. Ripe “old age”. What I now know to be true is that ageing begins in the mind. The mind controls the attitude, beliefs and body.

But what controls the mind?  That is the million dollar question. As a Psychotherapist, BodyTalk Practitioner and more importantly a seeker of “Truth” for the last forty years, I have found that the mind is nothing more than a relay station. It is a “bio-computer” with all the junk from our past and present filtering in and out. Garbage in, garbage out. BUT, with meditation, contemplation and a bit of awareness, we can “help this bio-computer” do a better job. We can enjoy inspiration and creativity, joy and pleasure momentarily.

That brings me to the topic; Ageing. Why do some of us get so old so quickly. Like  an old high school friend at 60 looked like she was 85. Was it her marriage, her children, her work or was it how she “thought” about it all?  Many would respond that it was the stress, the traumas that she has experienced, the loss and regrets.  We can clean up a lot of our regrets, even make ammends. But that doesn’t always give us a sense of well being!”

As a woman who grew of age in the 60’s and 70’s, I had my share of  experiences and later on the results of my free life. I have had many losses, inclusing the death of my only child, my son having died at age 32 tragically in a car accident. And the loss of many more  loved ones. I have had my share of disappointments which I believe is at source for a “saddened heart”.

What to do? My feeling is that we have to “begin again”.  To ask our “Source, Higher Power, God, what is next? If not, we get stuck in our misery, our pain and in our ageing before it is time to die.

My quest now is to work with women initially to uncover the culprits of early ageing and create a new template of vibrancy, no matter what the age!

To our best years yet! Suryo



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